Free preview of my book

Here is a chapter from my book, Being A Candle for the Kingdom. This is titled: Let Your Light Shine.

Jesus said to let our light shine so that people can see our good works and honor God. That’s what He said. So, that’s what we need to do. He explains that we are useless if we are to be a hidden light.

Sadly, for whatever reason, we do indeed attempt to hide this light at work, school, and other areas outside of church. What’s even more upsetting to me is, we only decide to be a light…or let our light shine at church.

Jesus said to go and make disciples. In this case, the church is not where the unsaved are. The unsaved are out in the darkness of the world. Our job is to go out to them and show them our light so that they may have this same light. It’s selfish to operate otherwise.

Jesus came down from His light in heaven. He came to a dark world so that we may have light. It’s our duty to do the same. Go into the dark, knowing you are protected, and let your light shine. Let people see your life and know there is a God.

Yet, maybe if we understood this light that Jesus was talking about, we could get a better understanding of what we should do with this light. We know God is light, right? Soooo…wouldn’t the Holy Spirit be light as well?

This light that is supposed to shine is from God. As we accept Jesus into our lives, the Holy Spirit comes and brings our spirit to life. We now have new life, thanks to the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. Yay.

As He is a light, we are light. So, when people see us, they are ideally seeing a representation of God, through His Spirit, which is in you.

See, we are supposed to take on the characteristics of the Holy Spirit. The gifts and fruit He brings are supposed to be used for His glory. That’s why people are supposed to see this.

Now, people may not specifically say “Wow, God is good” when they look at you. But, by complementing you on your morals and/or character…looking at the choices you make…the words you say, they are really, whether they know it or not, sending these praises to God.

It’s our responsibility to make sure we don’t imply it was us alone. We toss anything directed at us to God. He’s the source of this light. It’s His light.

So, when we let our light shine, we are letting the Holy Spirit shine. We go out into the world as a light to those is darkness because this light is a blessed light. A lifesaving light. You’re a messenger. You’re here to deliver a package. The sender is God. I’ll stretch more and say the Holy Spirit is your GPS, guiding you to where you need to send this light.

I know. Let’s stop.

If you liked that, and want more, follow the link to buy the book now!

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