Dante Talks is on Podbean!


So, that podcast, Dante Talks, has a new secondary home: Podbean! Podbean is a podcast hosting site that I picked during my research for the best initial option. Here’s the thing: Podcast episodes will appear on Dalanel first, then on Podbean.

However, despite the wait, you can easily follow the podcast. If you download the Podbean app, you can easily keep up for when I upload. I’ll also be setting up a Patron as I will be recording exclusive content over there. What MIGHT happen is I gradually move the podcast to be exclusively on podbean, and then shift my website in a slightly different direction for content. Any podcast guests episodes will likely be on Podbean exclusively. Behind the pay wall? I don’t know.

The feedback I’m getting is that the podcast is solid, so I want to see how far I can take it. I can’t stand my voice, and I love writing more than talking, but, here we are. People like me more than I like me, I guess.

So, visit the Podbean spot. It’s nothing much right now, and I’ll be uploading my older episodes gradually while still posting the new episodes after they appear on WordPress for a bit.

One thought on “Dante Talks is on Podbean!

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