Dante Writes: My Levels of Friendship


Hey! Hello friends! Actually…what is a friend? What kind of friends can you have? So, I recently have acquired friends. I’m not used to this; I spent most of my life without friends. Or, at least, that’s what I would say.

The problem with me is I have had a lot of friends over the years, but haven’t really recognized them as such. But, a lot of people will refer to me as their friends. So, considering years of history and the levels of friendship I’ve had, I wanted to create my own list.

One thing that I value more than just about anything is loyalty. I’m fiercely loyal and, if it’s in my power, I’ll do whatever you need me to do with minimal complaint. I got your back. And I only shut down on you if you’re not loyal to me. I go above and beyond at times, but once I’m done with someone, it’s done. I don’t come back to get hurt again.

Casual Friends

Casual friends are the ones that you talk to from time to time. Sort of like acquaintances. You know a bit about their history and family, but you’re not in deep. They could also be work friends. They likely aren’t going to be your first group of people to ask for favors and such. A lot of people fit here for me.

Good Friends

These are the friends that you talk to and hang out with consistently. These are your “buddies” and “pals”. You’ll have a good time. A decent number of people fit here for me.

Close Friends

Close friends are like good friends, but are more engaged with you. There’s a relationship here that has trust and loyalty. They can see you at your worst and have your back. Y’all have secrets and you talk almost all of the time. Funny, sad, bad, great, and all other kinds of topics. I like to keep my close friends small in number so I can better focus on the quality of those friendships.

Best Friend; Boy/Girlfriend

And out of those close friends, there is a friend that stands out the most. For you, this person(s) is the best of them all. You’re number one. You’re initial thought of contact when something goes down. Someone you can feel safe to pour yourself to and not worry about judgement. I personally feel I can only have one best friend at a time. This friend is the gold medal; no ties.

Same for the Boy/Girlfriend. To me, this the same as the best friend, but there’s more of a romantic side of it. And yeah, you can have a best and boy/girlfriend.


Depending on what you have, you can end up having friends turn into family. That best friend becomes a sibling to you. That girlfriend becomes your wife. I’ve always been someone who believes that family is what you make it, more so than what is given to you.

So, those are my levels of friendship. I know where most of these people fall in my life. And sometimes people change status during seasons of our lives.

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