Dalanel Going Dark for the Start of August


This is pretty last minute, but, starting August 1st, this site will be going dark. Of course, this is only useful if you see this before the 1st.

I’m in the middle of transferring my WordPress dot com life to the dot org. I’ve done all of my research and looked at my options and I’m pretty confident that I can pull this off. Once I go to transfer the domain, things will be dark and I will have no control over that.

I’ve spent the past few days simply prepping my new home. I’ve set up my online store and a few other goodies.

With all of that said, this new website will look a lot different than what you see now.

So, the rest of my scheduled July posts will appear and all of that. Then, lights out for Dalanel. It shouldn’t be long, and then the glorious content you’ve been waiting for will arrive.

I hope I see you on the other side.

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