Recap of my Birthday Announcements

July, 24th, I made a bunch of announcements in some sort of celebration of my birthday. Here’s a recap of them all:

I’m back in the sports blogging game!

I’m semi-retired with this move, but I‘ve reactivated my old sports blog, Dante Blog. A blog dedicated to writing about athletes who share the same first name as me.

My Podcast is now on Podbean!

Dante Talks has an official podcast home. This way, it’s a little easier to direct people to the podcast, while being able to track things like listens, downloads, and other stuff. People really like the podcast, and I’m steadily making it something bigger.

Also, I determined an intro and outro song for Dante Talks, so take a listen to them in my demo episode.

Daily Good Stuff is BACK!

The featured post that pushed me to my peak of popularity, Daily Good Stuff is coming back in a slightly modified version. I’m pretty excited about it, quite frankly.

So yeah, a nice bit of stuff is happening and it’s going to be pretty rad.


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