Dante Writes: Rainbows and Shooting Stars

You know, according to the Bible, the rainbow is the promise from God that He wouldn’t flood the earth again. A few weeks ago, I read something that got me thinking.

So, God has reset the world quite a few times. Keep that in mind.

I read this article  about the earth and moon and how a planet crashed into earth and stuff. I read a particular quote that made me think perhaps God purposefully guided this event. He made it so. Here:

It could also provide some insight into where our water came from – a head-on collision with Theia would have most likely stripped any water from Earth. If this is the case, it may have only been brought back by small asteroid collisions tens of millions of years later.

So, with that said, are shooting stars a reminder that God wouldn’t destroy the world like that again? If we assume that people before us needed water, the water stripped from earth at that time would be deadly.

The idea that a “heavenly body” passes by could be that very signal just as a rainbow right after the rain. It makes me wonder what other things in nature are actually promises from God.

Hoo boy…this is what happens when I get bored. What do you think?

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