Accept Jesus

Even though this blog isn’t necessarily a religious blog, I am a Christian and so I have to put this page here. This page has a lot of information. Take a break if you need to but I hope you can sit through as much as possible without being interrupted.

So you’re ready to make the greatest decision of your life? And yes, this is the smartest thing you can do. Accepting Jesus into your life is the best thing to do. I do want to say something though. It’s about what to expect when you first accept Jesus into your life. I just want you to know what you’re getting into. If you want to skip on ahead to the prayer, it’s at the bottom of the page. I’ll mark it as “Prayer” in bold. But I also recommend reading the paragraph before it if you’re not sure how to pray.

There are many positives to accepting Jesus. For one thing, you now have eternal life. What you need to understand is, as an unsaved person, you are spiritually dead. Why? Jesus took our sinful lives to die on the cross so that we may have new life in Him. And the thing with Jesus’ life: it never dies. His spirit lives on forever and, if we accept Jesus, that spirit now lives in us.

Make sure you understand that Jesus died and took the ultimate punishment for us. Just like we are so grateful that the fireman saved us from the fire. But then, he died while getting you to safety. You were supposed to burn, but the fireman took your place. It’s basically the same thing with Jesus. You were supposed to be on that cross; but Jesus loved you enough to say that he would die for all of us so that we can live.

So while accepting Jesus into your life is very smart, things may seem to get more tough in life for you. Always remember that Jesus will give you the victory. In fact, He already did. Also know that the battle is not yours; it’s the Lord’s. God won’t let you down. You will be rewarded for humbly suffering the prosecution from the world. God honors that you are willing to stick up for Him and do His will even in the face of adversity. He’ll give you the strength to do whatever He wants you to do.

Jesus is all you need but you must be willing to let go of the control you have in your life. You must hand over your life to Him. Jesus knows what’s best for you. God is a God of free will. If you don’t want to give God full control of your life, He’s not going to force you. He’ll just let you do whatever you want and then you face the consequences of your actions. It’s not God punishing you; it’s just the spiritual law of events happening.

Of course, the most popular reason to accept Jesus would be to avoid hell and go to heaven. The ONLY way to get into heaven is accepting the spirit of God into your life. Jesus and the Holy Spirit are one in the same. Your good deeds do not count. On the other side, your sins don’t count. God looks at you and if He sees Himself in you, you’re good. God the father, God the Son, and God the Spirit. They are the same person. When we say we accept Jesus, we are accepting His spirit. So if God sees His spirit in you, you’re in.

No sin is too great to overcome God’s forgiving power. Do not let anyone tell you that the one sin you did 5, 10, even 20 years ago was too great. Jesus died for EVERYTHING that could possibly be a sin. Past, present, and future. He was dying for sins before they even existed. Trust me, you’re fine. You killed somebody? So what? Jesus doesn’t care. You know that guy Paul in the new testament in the Bible? His name used to be Saul and he would kill Christians. Yup. And yet God forgave him. Jesus just wants you to accept Him. That’s it. He loves the sinner; not the sin. You are the sinner and Jesus loves you. It can be hard to believe. “How can somebody love someone like me?” But that one person is Jesus.

So now you have read all of that. And you still want to accept Jesus. Good for you. Say this prayer. You have to be sincere. You have to mean it. God knows if you faked it or not. And really, only He and you know if you really mean to accept Jesus. My role is to just help guide you to Jesus. But Jesus does the actual work on your transformation. You can pray the prayer I set up, or you can do it in your own way. There is no wrong way to ask Jesus in you life as long as you are sincere about it. There is no special prayer you have to know. A simple “Jesus I believe you died for me. Come into my life and make me whole” could work. This is between you and Him. I find it important to be able to talk to God in your own voice. It helps bring a certain level of comfort. God is God and deserves the most respect of all though so use proper language. Ok so here is the prayer:

Prayer: Jesus I know you died on the cross for me. I believe you died for me. You have forgiven my sins and I thank you for that. Come into my life. Cleanse me of my sinful nature. Wash me in you precious blood that was shed for my sins. Take me as your own. In Jesus’ name, amen.

You did it! You are now a born again Christian. The next step would be to find a good church. Find some seasoned believers to learn from. It’s very important you read you Bible too. Immerse yourself in God’s word. You’ll be fascinated by what you learn. The wonderful things that are in store for you as a child of the most high God are incredible.
Feel free to contact me as well. I’m a teacher of the Word and would be able to help you in your growth.

God Bless!!!