Dante’s Optimism

Dante’s Optimism is my blog I created. Um, it’s the greatest thing I have ever written in all of my life and it’s the project I strive to be best known for. However, I shut the blog down. You can still visit it, though.

Dante’s Optimism aimed to bring a positive spin on the world through many methods. I shared positive news, quotes, images, testimonies, and more. The world can easily point to the negativity and the doom and gloom. I wanted to look at the other things going on. The good going on. The heroes. The overcomers. The medical breakthroughs. All of that stuff.

That blog has saved me so many times. I’ve had some real struggles in my life and have reached some low points and, as much as I try to use this blog to cheer others up, I actually cheer myself up. It’s an escape. It encourages me knowing that there are still good things going on. It has literally saved my life.

So, again, check out my pride and joy, Dante’s Optimism. I love that blog so much.